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Industrial Powder Coating & Blasting

Powder coating is the #1 coating option for many industrial applications. With both internal and external coating capabilities, we are able to ensure the metal beneath is properly protected. Benefits range from increased part life and durability, all the way to increased efficiency of mechanical systems and realized dollar savings. We take note of the client's specific project requirements and cater the process and coating directly to it. With expedited lead times and the ability to put the parts right back to service, powder coating stands on top as an industry leading coating in the industrial sector.

Powder coating benefits:

-High chemical resistance

-Excellent weatherability

-Enhanced cathodic disbondment resistance (resists corrosion)

-High impact resistance

-Increased consistency of application due to electrostatic aid

-Increased efficiencies of pumps and piping systems

-Decreased lead times & increased profitability

-Environmentally friendly


All of the above attributes make powder coating an excellent choice for industrial applications such as…

-Piping (internal and external)


-Valve bodies

-and much more

Screenshot 2023-10-20 142641_edited.jpg

Large Scale Media Blasting

Blasting for projects of any size or shape. We have access to a large variety of grits and blast media types to achieve the correct blast profile for the project.


Precision Masking

We offer proper masking for both the blasting and powder coating process for items with tight tolerances or mating surfaces.


Specialized Powder Coatings

Certain powder coatings excel in different areas. We cater the powder to your specific project's needs, keeping in mind the operating conditions they will be subjected to.


Testing & Analysis

Top of the line tools are used at each stage to ensure the best final product. This includes blast profile depth, coating thickness, curing temperatures, and holiday testing.

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