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Custom Powder Coating

Here at Ion Coating, we are just like you, enthusiasts. We treat each project like it was our own and don't cut any corners as we move through the various stages. With thousands of color options available, the possibilities are endless. Don't know what color you should pick? Chat with any one of us and we will help lead you to your desired finished product. Our ability to mask mating surfaces, keep powder out of threads and retain machined areas means that your parts will fit back together exactly as they should. Long gone are the days of needing a big mallet and a thread tapping kit!

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Careful Media Blasting

After chemically removing the old coating, we use a fine media to blast the metal to a fresh, non-corroded surface for best adhesion and durability.


Precision Masking

We offer proper masking for both the blasting and powder coating process for items with tight tolerances or mating surfaces.

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Colourful Powder Coatings

Powders come in over 7000 options with different colours, textures, transparencies, and gloss levels. They can also be layered for different effects.



With proper coating, masking, wiping powder away, or sanding, 2-tone (or more) effects can be created. 

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